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Chi Children

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Children have always been drawn to Chi (Qi), with the popularity of movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid and Star Wars, where the characters discover extra ordinary powers as they find self confidence, courage and resilience to fight off the villain.

The key element, or source of this power evolves as the character begins their journey of self discovery through humble beginnings. With mindful training (or Qigong), they learn to harmonise their mind and body to connect with their inner strength, Chi (Qi) and Vital Force.

Although these are only fictional characters, I find we often relate to them, as they display an element of truth which we empathise with.

In real life children love the way Qigong makes them feel and as they begin to sense their chi, it feels magical. The quietness of their mind enables them to connect with their inner feelings and trust their intuition, learning how to interpret and react to real life situations.

With Qigong there is a playfulness, a feeling of connection, and a sense of purpose. It doesn’t have to be done exactly right, there is no competition and no one is the best.

Children love the ease of the movements, while feeling the strength of the balance and the comfort of the inner peace.

How does Qigong Help our Children?

Focus and Concentration

The focus required in Qigong enhances a child's memory and concentration. While they bring their thoughts into their body and breathe, they forget the worry and chatter in their mind.

Balance and Coordination

As they become grounded and learn to connect through their feet, they gain stability. Gross motor skills which are important for balance, coordination, body awareness and physical strength improve as do their fine motor skills which are all essential for your child's development. Coordination and moving their arms and legs through the crossing of the mid line of their body encourages the right and left side of their brain which improves learning difficulties.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Even though the movements look simple to the observer when practiced and mastered, a strong sense of confidence and self worth develops through the encouragement and guidance of the mentor. When Qigong is practiced as a group it creates quite a powerful bond and connection, as the group moves as one, creating a Qi field.

Flow & Movement

One of the main foundations of our health is flow. Remembering that our body consists on average 60% water, this makes sense. Just like a river, if our body does not flow we will become stagnant and unwell. As our body needs to move and flow, so does our mind. Getting stuck in negative thoughts becomes damaging. Qigong creates that flow, allowing children to keep their mind and body moving freely.

Strength & Flexibility

Qigong promotes physical strength as children learn to use all of their muscles. Each movement stretches the fascia, while strengthening the muscles, helping a child become aware of their body and how it functions and moves.

Mind/Body Connection

Bringing the connection of our thoughts into our body while coordinating our breath brings children into a relaxed calm state. When they move from their Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight) into the Parasympathetic Nervous System, they create the opportunity to Rest and Repair their Mind and body.

Anxiety and Mindfulness

Unfortunately, it seems our children are experiencing more stress, worry and anxiety these days.

According to Beyond Blue, in a 12-month period over two million Australians will experience anxiety. It is alarming to note that half of all mental health conditions in adulthood begin before the age of fourteen and Health Professionals recommend the time to act is now, during childhood.

Improves Sensory Challenges

Qigong Self Massage involves a gentle tapping, which stimulates the flow of chi and the sensory channels, enhancing the the way children take in information and learn.

If you would like to know more about our Qigong Classes and Workshops and how it can help your family please contact us at Blueys Beach Natural Health.

Deanne Allan

Holistic Naturopath

Qigong & TCM Therapist

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