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Health & Wellness Retreats

Blueys Beach Natural Health Centre provides the space and support you need to

restore, revitalise, and re-discover your Well-being.


Quiet your mind & relax your body with a Qigong Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork Class.


Learn easy-to-follow techniques to encourage self-care with a Health & Wellness Consultation with our Naturopath, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach.


Melt any stress & worries away with a soak in our Hot Spa, &

add an Infrared Sauna to encourage circulation & a detoxification effect.


For Private Retreats spoil yourself with a Champagne & scrumptious Graze Board or

Cleanse with freshly brewed

Organic Herbal Tea & Vegatable Juices.


Choose from our selection of Healing Mind-Body & Remedial Therapies to enrich your

Wellness Journey.

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Specialised Group Retreats

Embracing Menopause
6th - 8th May 2024 

Imagine sharing 3 Days with a caring group of like minded women who understand what you are going through, as you tackle the many changes, emotional & physical within your body & life.

Visualise yourself experiencing the sunrise over Blueys Beach

as you connect with the essense of the Ancient practice of Qigong.

(chi-gong is a gentle Mindful Movement & Meditation suitable for all levels of fitness)

We will practice Mindfulness techniques to introduce you to the healing wonders of Chinese Medicine & discuss diet, lifestyle and natural medicines to create and maintain vitality & your best health.

Your only priority will be to slow down, relax and reconnect with you.

We would love you to join us for our next Health & Wellness Retreat, located in the heart of Blueys Beach, 1.5hrs north or Newcastle in May.

The theme of the Retreat will be about Self-care for Women, & how to empower yourself through Peri-menopause, Menopause & Post Menopause.

We will discuss Sleep, Mood, Weight gain, Self confidence, relationships plus more.

The Retreat will Begin Monday afternoon & go for 2 nights & 3 days, with an option to extend your stay to either arrive one day early on the Sunday, or stay an extra day to include Wednesday night, at a very generous discounted cost from our Accommodation Hosts Blueys Motel.


Blueys Beach Natural Health

Deanne Allan


Remedial Therapist

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Qigong & Meditation Therapist


Blueys Beach Natural Health Centre

191 Boomerang Drive, Blueys Beach


Just a 200m stroll to the beach, Blueys boutique 4 star motel offers stylishly appointed rooms, each with their own unique touches.

Blueys Beach Motel is conveniently located across the road from our Centre

Choose from one of the 10 beautiful Rooms - Twin Rooms &  Double Rooms available


3 Day Program with Group Information Sessions & Mindfulness Daily Classes

Morning & Evening Classes

1 x 30 minute Massage (may be upgraded to 1 or 1.5hr session)

Mindful Movement on the Beach (weather permitting)

An introduction to Chinese Medicine & Qigong (Daoist Mindful Movement)

For beginners to meditation, you will be introduced to easy to follow methods to let go of stress

Hot Spa & Infrared Sauna Time to Soak & Detox

All delicious & nutritious meals provided

Free time to explore & connect with Blueys Beach

Morning & afternoon Tea, with freshly brewed organic Herbal Blends every day

2 Nights Accommodation in the heart of Blueys Beach Village

Modern Rooms with private en-suites

Motel Swimming Pool


Monday 6th May to Wednesday 8th May

(option to extend stay on the Sunday or Wednesday night at a discounted cost.)


Full Package (everything included) 

SHARED ROOM (2 per room) - $890 per person


Do you have your own accommodation or live locally & would love to enjoy the Retreat?

Message us to enquire about options & prices.




Day 1. Monday 6th May

3pm - Arrive - Afternoon Tea & Welcome to Blueys Beach

Free afternoon to settle  in / walk on the beach

6pm - Dinner 

Group Chat

7.30pm - Evening Guided Meditation 


Day 2. Tuesday 7th May

7am - Morning Qigong Class on Blueys Beach or Buddha Garden

Free time to Walk 

8.30am - Brecky

9am - Discussion (part 1) with our Naturopath/Chinese Medicine Therapist, about how to embrace Menopause through the direction & simplicity of Natural Medicine & Mindfulness.

10.30am - Grab a cuppa

11am - Discussion (part 2)

12.30 - Lunch

1.30pm - Infrared Sauna & Spa (Group 1)

Massage & Treatment Time ( Group 2)

3pm -  Infrared Sauna & Spa (Group 2)

Massage & Treatment Time ( Group 1)

Grab a cuppa any time

4.30pm - Free Time to explore Blueys or sit by Blueys Motel pool

6.30pm - Dinner

7.30pm - Evening Guided Meditation 


Day 3 Wednesday 

Late start to sleep in or walk on the beach

8.30am - Breaky

9am - Mindful Movement Qigong Class

Discussion about Mindfulness & how to bring it into your life 

10.30am - Morning Tea

Q & A Session 

Farewell & Hugs

Not in a hurry to leave Blueys?

Your Retreat afternoon could continue with your favourite Pampering from our Therapy Menu

 Options include…..

  • Private Health Assessment

  • Facial Treatment

  • Crystal Chakra Balance

  • Massage

  • Soul Card Reading & Medical Qigong Reiki Healing

  • Chinese Medicine Cupping & Laser Acupuncture Treatment

Qigong at Sunrise
Meditation pic_edited.jpg

Your Boutique 4 star Accommodation
Blueys Beach Motel

blueys motel pool_edited_edited.jpg
CHAIR PIC_edited.jpg

Birthdays, Hens Gathering, Mother Daughter Connection
Create Your Own Mini -Day Retreat

Relax in the Buddha Garden with Family & Friends 

Ladies Pamper Package_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Food & Drinks
Graze Boards  -  $19pp
Champagne  -  $19pp


Therapy of Choice 
(Refer to price list)

Private Class
1 person - $135
2 people - $60pp
3 people - $45pp
4 people - $35pp
5 or more - $28pp

Sauna & Spa
min 2 - $98pp
min 4 - $69pp

Health & Wellness Consultation
30min - $98pp
Group Chat min 4 - $49pp

Choose from

Champagne &  Graze Board


Freshly Blended Herbal Infussion & Sweet Treats

from $25pp

Choose from our Therapy List 

Massage / Facial / Healing / Wellness Assessment / Iridology

& Reflexology 

Choose from our class list 

Yoga/ Pilates / Qi Gong 

Singing Bowl Meditation 

Moving Meditation

Infrared Sauna 

Therapeutic Hot Spa

add an ICE Bath for


Our Naturopath specialises in Chinese Medicine, Acupressure & Meditation to share with you tools to reduce your stress & increase your energy.

Detox Package 

Indulge in the ultimate Detoxifying Package with family & friends.

Begin with a 20-minute Health & Wellness Consultation where your Naturopath will chat to you about any health concerns you may have & introduce you to the intriguing world of Iridology & Tongue Assessment.

Cleanse irritation in the Mind & Body with Guided Qigong Breathwork & Meditation.

Melt away any stress with a soak in our Warm Spa.

Highlighted with time in our Infrared Sauna to promote the release of toxins.


Next, we assist the flow and elimination process of detoxification with a relaxing 30-minute Massage.

Sealing the Treatment as you replenish your fluids to rehydrate with a hot cup of freshly blended organic cleansing Herbal Tea, full of nourishing goodness.


As an add-on, include a Magnesium Foot soak & and detoxifying Balinese Boreh Foot Scrub. Leaving you feeling lighter and in a state of pure relaxation

2.5 to 3.5 hours from $295pp (min 4people)

Add a Magnesium Foot Soak

Balinese Boreh Foot Scrub - from $95

Please email or call to book your appointment 

Yoga girls group.png
Ladies Pamper Package_edited.jpg


Benefits of a spa

Soaking in warm and bubbling water brings health benefits that have long been recognised. Used regularly, hot tub health and wellness benefits include a reduction in stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, and an increase in circulation, recovery, and general physical well-being.

The combination of heat and buoyancy increase circulation by dilating blood vessels, relieves joint stress, as well as soothes tension from tired and sore muscles. All these elements come together to leave you feeling revived and relaxed.

This can help with everything from reducing inflammation to helping tired and sore muscles recover. 

Infrared Sauna 

Infrared sauna therapy differs from the ancient practice of using fire beneath a makeshift lodge to generate heat, instead utilizing infrared light waves to generate heat in the body.


These waves penetrate deeper into the tissues without excessively raising the temperature of the sauna room, making this therapy ideal for people who can’t tolerate the heat and humidity of traditional sauna rooms and so might miss out on the potential benefits.

The infrared waves themselves are invisible, falling within the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Also referred to as “far-infrared” waves (FIR), they have the ability to positively alter the body’s tissues by penetrating below the surface of the skin, generating mitochondrial activity and effectively circulating heat.

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