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Blueys Beach


Increase Energy - Reduce Stress

Mindful Movement & Meditation

Align your

Mind & Body


& Guided Meditation

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Our beautiful Class of Relaxation & Connection.

We will introduce you to the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine, as you learn easy-to-follow tools to assist you in tackling stress, pain, anxiety & insomnia.

The class will include Breathing Techniques, Acupressure Points, Gentle Mindful movement & Guided Meditation.

There is a lovely vibe of community friendship with this class and often connect after class with a cuppa and conversation.


Our Vinyasa Yoga Class creates the perfect balance of stretch, strength, balance & alignment.


SUNDAY  - 8.30 AM

Private Classes available
on Request


Qi Gong for Chronic Pain

After personally experiencing the health benefits of Medical Qigong, Deanne loves to share whenever possible this beautiful mindful movement and meditation through, classes, workshops and retreats.

The healing benefits shine through the simplicity of the flowing movements. Connecting positive awareness, posture and coordinating the rhythm of the breath, allows a diversion from the chatter of the worried mind. While you shift out of the stress response of ‘fight or flight’ into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair, the body sinks into a sense of calmness and finds the comfort of inner peace.


The body connects as one, mind body and breath to restore, opening pathways or meridian channels, as Qi begins to flow and the body has an opportunity to heal.

Influenced by the philosophy of Taoism & Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the easiest way I know to meditate.
You will find relaxation in this class, calming your body and mind.
Qi (Chi) means Energy and Gong (Kong) means exercise or practice.
Following the principles of yin & yang and our connection to nature, this is a beautiful combination of flowing movement and stillness.
One unique advantage of Qigong is that anyone and everyone can practice it.
All ages, all fitness levels, and all health conditions can benefit from moving their body and quietening their mind.
Learn how to...
  • breathe correctly using your diaphragm
  • create a better balance
  • improve your sleep
  • reduce stress
  • increase circulation
  • decrease pain
  • improve memory
  • increase energy levels
  • reduce anxiety & depression

Private Classes

With a fusion of Qigong, Daoist Yoga, Pilates & Functional Movement we gently stretch tight facia, tendons & muscles. 
In traditional Chinese Medicine, we draw from the principles of Dao Yin, meaning to guide & direct the movement of qi (chi) with our breath to release stress from our body and mind.
A gentle and calming opportunity to reach a deep level of well-being.

Would suit anyone who is recovering from injury and looking to create movement and flow to release aches and pains.
Meditation under the Stars
Yin Yoga with Adele
Vinyasa Flow
yoga pic_edited
Class Times are subject to change through the Holidays
For our latest Timetables follow us on
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