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When you practice Qigong........

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

When you practice Qigong (Chee - Kung), there is only you and the present moment,

as you find comfort in this mindful movement and meditation.

The healing benefits shine through the simplicity of the rhythmic flow of movements and as you connect your awareness to your posture, intention and breath, Qigong allows a diversion to avoid the chatter of your busy mind. Your blood pressure regulates, as your heart rate and worries soften, providing your body time to rest and repair.

Forgotten for now, are your daily stresses, as you become grounded and sink to connect with the earth, becoming strong through your feet and balanced. You lengthen and stretch your muscles and connective tissue, finding a gentle softness through your body as it moves freely.

Within this peace of mind you enter into a state of Wu Wei, with no effort or force

you find calmness with the flow of Qi (Chi) and vital energy.

Now in harmony connecting with nature and your surroundings your mind and

senses find clarity.

Private, Group Classes and Workshops are available at Blueys Beach Natural Health Centre.

Suitable for all ages, men, women, all fitness levels & are is easily done seated.

Deanne loves to share the essence of Qigong whenever possible. Travelling to Schools, Retreats, Conferences and Festivals.

Deanne Allan - Holistic Naturopath

Medical Qigong Instructor

* Simon Blow Qigong (Australia)

Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupressure Meridian Massage, TCM Cupping & Moxibustion

Chi Healing College

Liu He Gong Qigong

* Qigong Research Institute (Shanghai, China)

Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition

* Association - Fitness Australia

Naturopath/Nutritionist/Herbalist/Remedial Therapist

* Association - Australian Traditional Medicine Society


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