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Rusty has a passion for surfing and knows how playing sport and being active can put a strain on your muscles and body.


His ability to assess and manipulate the muscle, tendons and fascia structures of the body, gives him an advantage to gain results quickly. He believes that each body has a unique and particular pattern for developing and holding tension & strives to find this pattern for his clients.

Often Rusty is amazed at how quickly the body reverts back to a relaxed state once this particular pattern is rehabilitated. 

Rusty is continually pursuing further education to offer his clients the most current advice to assist a safe and fast recovery.

  • Diploma:             Remedial Massage
  • Cert IV:                Therapeutic Massage

  • Cert IV:                Relaxation Massage

  • Certification:      Injury Prevention

  • Certification:     Sport Massage




Deanne a Natural Health Practitioner for 25 years, works to boost the body’s own healing potential while finding the underlying cause of the pain and discomfort she sees every day in her clinic. On onset their referred symptoms may be misleading, therefore her aim is to find the path to the underlying problem area and treat the root cause. A preventative approach is optimal however not often followed by the client. Deanne has witnessed the cause is most commonly initiated by stress, anxiety and worry, leading to a lack of time for self, slouched posture an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle choices.

With an East meets West fusion of modalities, Deanne uses a holistic approach which includes the assistance of Pilates Functional Movement, Medical Qigong, Acupressure Meridian Massage, Singing Bowl Therapy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to encourage and guide her clients to let go of their stress and worry in a safe relaxed space.

  • Diploma:                Remedial Massage

  • Diploma:                TCM Acupressure & Meridian Massage

  • Diploma:                Fitness/Personal Training

  • Certification:          Active Over 50's (NSW Health Program)

  • Cert IV:                   Bowen Therapy

  • Cert IV:                   Business Management

  • Certified:               Pilates Instructor

  • Level 3:                 Medical Qigong Instructor

  • Level 2:                 Wellness & Life Coaching

  • Level 2:                 Reiki

  • Certified:              Hot Stone & Spa Therapies

  • Advanced Diploma:  Naturopathy

  • Advanced Diploma:  Nutritional Medicine

  • Advanced Diploma:  Herbal Medicine / Iridology


After personally experiencing the health benefits of Medical Qigong, Deanne loves to share whenever possible this beautiful mindful movement and meditation through, classes, workshops and retreats.

The healing benefits shine through the simplicity of the flowing movements. Connecting positive awareness, posture and coordinating the rhythm of the breath, allows a diversion from the chatter of the worried mind. While you shift out of the stress response of ‘fight or flight’ into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair, the body sinks into a sense of calmness and finds the comfort of inner peace.


The body connects as one, mind body and breath to restore, opening pathways or meridian channels, as Qi begins to flow and the body has an opportunity to heal.

Nestled in the heart of Blueys Beachside Village

you will discover our beautiful sanctuary of

Relaxation and Wellness

Rest, Renew and Revitalise,

 leaving behind your stress and worries from your busy life. 

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