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The perfect balance of Nutritional goodness and Mind-Body relaxation

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mind body_edited.jpg

Mind-Body Facial

Described as an experience not to be missed. Our facial treatment has been developed over the last 25 years by our Beauty Therapist, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Energy Therapist.


Nourishing your skin with natural & nutritious lotions while soothing your soul with the Harmonious sound of Tibetan Singing bowls & an intuitive Qi Energy Healing.

Scrumptious Skin Facial 

Feed your skin and nourish your senses. Our Skin juice Treatments are natural, organic, potent, and delicious. These Facials use products and are packed with 100% fruit, vegetable, and plant-based goodness. Suitable for all skin types and concerns whilst also being pregnancy safe! 


Facial Gift Vouchers

We have gift vouchers available for any occasion 

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