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A Sanctuary of Rest and Relaxation


Once you have holidayed in Blueys Beach you know the feeling of finding a destination you can escape to, which feels like your second home. It’s a sleepy little Beachside Village, however, in the holidays it turns into a vibrant buzz of activity.

Nestled in the heart of this village is a beautiful sanctuary of relaxation and wellness. With Yoga, Qigong, and Pilates in the Buddha Garden, you begin your day grounded shaking off the worries of your busy life.


Community Meditation Evenings send you into an hour of mindfulness with Singing Bowls and Moving Meditation, waking to candlelight and starlit night, as you drift home ready for sleep.

With world-class Therapists offering you over 25 years of experience, which you know comes from their heart, as they go that extra mile for you, personalising your treatment to suit your needs.

Clients now book in advance to secure their spot for a Remedial Massage or Naturopathic appointment.

One of the highlights of many group holidays are our Wellness Packages, with champagne and a Magnesium Foot Soak, as you relax in the Buddha Garden followed by your Therapy of choice.

At Blueys Natural Health you will immerse in the perfect balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

bringing you back to a place of rest and repair.


For Health Support & Guidance

A natural choice!

Blueys Beach Natural Health Centre is your natural choice, for support through your health and lifestyle concerns.

Our professional selection of Therapists come together as an integrated team, to guide you to reach your wellness goals. 

Often clients come to us frustrated with their health condition, looking for guidance and support.

Being unwell or in pain can be stressful and therefore we take the time required with our clients to ensure you feel understood and get the best possible treatment.

Our Therapists are passionate about offering you the most current evidenced-based resources while still maintaining our down to earth and natural approach to consultations.

At Blueys Natural Health we look forward to assisting you to

de-stress and achieve your Health and Wellness goals.

Available Treatments

Blueys Beach Naturally
Remedial Massage - Deep Tissue Tui Na Massage
Acupressure - Bowen - Myofascial Release
Naturopath - Nutritionist - Herbalist - Acupuncture
with an option for phone and online appointments if required.

Reiki - Medical Qigong - Singing Bowl Sound Healing - 
Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching inspired by Ruin Reading
Mind-Body Facial Treatment - Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
Heavenly Buddha Garden Couple Massage
Pamper Packages - Group Bookings

Yoga - Medical Qigong - Singing Bowl Guided Meditation
Our beautiful Movement Classes are available in our Buddha Garden
Private Classes are available by appointment with friends & family
Small groups or one on one Lessons in our Lotus Room.

Keep an eye on Facebook & Instagram for our latest Yoga & Qigong timetable

Classes available at

Blueys Beach - Natural Health Centre

    Online Gift Cards now available 

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